5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Professional Recording Artist Career

You have a great collection of music that you have created. Your music is live and available online on a site like soundcloud, a free hosting and streaming site. You are building your audience and followers. You music has thousands of plays.

All of this equates into a big fat check for ZERO dollars.  There is no record label knocking at your door. The reality sets in. It cost you to make this  music and you may never see a dime in return.

Does this sound like your current situation? I know I have consulted plenty of artists in that same dilemma. The good news is that now, more than ever before, it is easy to reclaim the value of your music. Below are some easy things you can do to improve your chances to earn money from your music.

1.Invest in your sound
If you are recording yourself in a home studio, consider investing in time at a recording studio. Even if only to hear your music played through another sound system, the time will be well worth the money spent. If you are recording at another studio, bring in another engineer, or listen to your music at another studio. This will improve your listening
ability and increase your sound profile.

2.Network with a purpose
As an artist, your goal is to always increase your audience. You do this every time you share your music, whether in person or online. When this exchange happens, what are you doing to nurture that new relationship? Getting contact information from your audience is so important. It will allow you to keep your audience engaged and informed. This means you have to be deliberate and start documenting your contacts. Use sites like Mailchimp to manage your contacts and keep them up to date on your music.

3.Create a marketing budget
It is great that you are able to write and record songs… but you are an artist, that should be the easy part. What are you doing to market yourself? Are you investing in marketing strategies that work? Start a marketing budget. Make sure you are setting aside money for things like professional photography and videography, graphic design work. You may even want to do some research and invest in an online marketing campaign (Facebook ads are great and very inexpensive).

4.Recruit a team
As an artist, it may seem as though you have to become a jack-of-all-trades. Writing and performing your own music, sometimes you have to be your own engineer, marketing director, publisher, and that list can go on and on. To reach the level of success you want, you must bring people on board and make them part of your team. Learn to delegate, even if it costs you some extra money. Think about the time you save, and also the quality of work your receive. Would you rather spend hours trying to take your own picture? Sounds easy, right? But what about lighting, editing? What camera or lens is best suited? All of these things require time to research and learn. Wouldn’t you be better off paying an expert to handle this so you can get back to the creative process? Learn to cultivate talent deliberately and consistently.

5.Register your music to receive download and streaming income
By far this is the easiest and fastest way to start seeing a dollars for your music. I’m sure you already have posted some of your music online using some of the sites I mentioned earlier. But as I alluded to, those sites are not putting any money in your pocket, despite the streams or downloads that may be generated. Change this. Publish your music to digital storefronts and reclaim your rights and revenue.


These are some of the storefronts available to you. The question is, how do you get your music on these sites.

Unfortunately, you are not able to submit your music directly to these stores. However, these stores have come to agreements with a few select companies (called artist aggregators) to facilitate the submission process. Lucky for you, I represent one of the largest of these companies, Record Union.

Because I want to see you start earning income from your music immediately, I have a special offer for you from Record Union. I can offer you one year free digital distribution for either a single, EP or an album.

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1 year of free distribution to any digital services

Distribute a release for free via Record Union to any of the major online stores and streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal and more.

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