5 Ways to Say Good Morning!

What a wonderful phrase to start your day! When you wake up and you look at your loved ones, the first words you utter are “Good Morning!”. Depending on how your night went, or what hour, the exclamation is optional.

If you are anything like me, the next few things you do are routine. Spread your bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, and then grab your phone and feverishly scroll through all your social networks! Wait, that’s just me? I’m the only one that can’t walk into the bathroom without my phone? Didn’t think so.
That being said, I’m sure you want to say “Good Morning” to all your friends and followers! Here are 5 great ways to bid everyone a glorious daybreak!

  1. Humor Me!
    Mornings are dreadful, we know!! Take a moment to share your facetious thoughts on today’s sun up!

Kill the Alarm!!

SN: I love Tumblr!! and gifs. Make sure you follow my page, chock full of things Well Done!


  1. Motivation!
    Fortunately, not every morning has to be apocalyptic. Most mornings, I wake up with a list full of things I can’t wait to get done! For those days, a strong dose of encouragement can boost someone’s day like a double shot of espresso!

Morning Motivation

Keep it classy though, and in moderation. Don’t be that over-the-top guy no one really likes, but everyone “likes”…. you know who you are


    I’m not even sure if that hashtag is still going, but I loved it! Seeing those crusty-eyed selfies just made me feel… prompted to take a shower and brush my teeth! But really, if you take a look at this hashtag, you will see all types of morning tomfoolery! Get involved and get yourself in a good mood for the day.
  2. Snapchattery
    This is my guilty addiction. I love to get up early and be the first one to send out my “Good Morning” to all my fellow snapchatters (which is @callmecaesar btw). If I’m feeling bold, I might send out a video message at breakfast, or on my way to work. Chances are it’s going to be me getting my daughter to school or heading to the gym… or still in bed. Depends on when you catch me!
  3. The Most Important Meal of the Day
    I tried to segue into this, but I don’t think it went over too well. Either way, make sure you eat breakfast, and then encourage others to do the same! On a diet? What better way to stay accountable than to post what you are eating?


Ok, Now that I got this out the way, I’m about to get my morning going!
Remember, Well Done is better than well said! Go do something!

Adam L Simmons



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