Secrets of Earning Money for Streams Revealed!

Photo courtesy of Timmey Photography

Photo courtesy of Timmey Photography

You finally finished your album. After hours of recording, mixing, and mastering it is ready to go. You may have spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars to make this project, or maybe you put in all the work yourself.

Either way, the time has come to share your music with the world. You upload your music to sites like datpiff, livemixtapes, or soundlcoud. Your music may get 100,000 streams and downloads. You make ZERO dollars. There is no record deal at the end of this. Just your music being played for free and eventually fading into obscurity.

“You make ZERO dollars”

I have been there. As an independent artist, I struggled to find ways to release my music in a way that was profitable. Today, we are not selling CDs out of the trunk anymore, we are sharing links to our music with our fans. These links can lead to profit or loss. As a consultant, I have helped artist reclaim what is theirs, publishing their music across digital platforms that pay them.

“I have helped artist reclaim what is theirs…”

I’m Adam L Simmons, independent music consultant providing services and solutions to independent artists since 2001. To date, that is 15 years! During that time, I have helped artists put their projects together, from recording to performing and everything in between and beyond. I have had the opportunity to see music go from physical distribution to digital and have managed to help artist stay ahead of the curve. I have published music for artist and helped them to receive royalty payments from Apple/iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music, Rhapsody, Deezer, and many more.

Photo courtesy of epsos.de

Photo courtesy of epsos.de

Digitally distributing your music is the answer for most artists trying to find a way to generate income from their music. Now paid performance gigs are by far the best opportunity, but that still requires you to travel and go on stage and perform. Once you make your music and release it, the money you generate from digital streams and downloads continue for a lifetime.

“Digitally distributing your music is the answer.”

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As you are reading this, I am sure you are thinking, “Do I have to sign any contracts?” Let me ease your mind. There are no contracts to sign, you keep 100% of your rights. And since I know you saw this posting on Facebook, I am going to extend to you a very special offer. I want to see you with your music on Apple Music or Spotify, and I want you to be able to start getting those quarterly payouts. So I am going to offer you 1 year of free distribution to any of the digital services you choose. Also, I will personally promote you music across my social media outlets to help to increase your exposure and generate some extra streams and downloads.

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