5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Professional Recording Artist Career

You have a great collection of music that you have created. Your music is live and available online on a site like soundcloud, a free hosting and streaming site. You are building your audience and followers. You music has thousands of plays.

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Secrets of Earning Money for Streams Revealed!

Photo courtesy of Timmey Photography

Photo courtesy of Timmey Photography

You finally finished your album. After hours of recording, mixing, and mastering it is ready to go. You may have spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars to make this project, or maybe you put in all the work yourself. Continue reading →

5 Ways to Say Good Morning!

What a wonderful phrase to start your day! When you wake up and you look at your loved ones, the first words you utter are “Good Morning!”. Depending on how your night went, or what hour, the exclamation is optional. Continue reading →


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